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 What is a Koi Fish Lifespan?

Koi Fish have been reported to live up to 200 years old. The oldest koi fish known was named "Hanako" with growth rings showing it was 226 years old. In order to give your koi fish a long and proper lifespan, you need to make sure you help it prevent some diseased that is known to get. Keeping a water-safe pH level is an important part of having a healthy koi fish.

Koi In Yu Garden

Health, maintenance, and longevity

Koi are coldwater fish, however, benefit from being kept in the 15-25 °C (59-77 °F) range, and don't respond well to long, cool, winter temperatures; their resistant frameworks are exceptionally frail under 10 °C. Koi lakes normally have a meter or a greater amount of profundity in regions of the world that become warm throughout the mid-year, while in regions that have crueler winters, lakes, by and large, have at least 1.5 m (5 ft). Explicit lake development has been advanced by the koi guardian's expectation of raising show-quality koi.

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