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Sea life researchers have attempted the troublesome undertaking of supplanting the cherished starfish's normal name with ocean starfish since, indeed, the starfish isn't a fish. It's an echinoderm, firmly identified with ocean imps and sand dollars. 


There are about 2,000 types of ocean starfish living in all the world's seas, from tropical natural surroundings to the cold ocean bottom. The five-arm assortments are the most well-known, consequently their name, yet species with 10, 20, and surprisingly 40 arms exist. 

Protective Adaptations 

They have hard, calcified skin, which shields them from most hunters, and many wear striking shadings that cover them or alarm off possible aggressors. Simply, marine creatures, there are no freshwater ocean stars and a couple lives in saline water. 


Past their particular shape, ocean stars are renowned for their capacity to recover appendages, and sometimes, whole bodies. They achieve this by lodging most or every one of their fundamental organs in their arms. Some require the focal body to be flawless to recover, however, a couple of animal groups can grow a completely new ocean star just from a part of a cut-off appendage.


 Uncommon Feeding 

Most ocean stars additionally have the wonderful capacity to devour prey outside their bodies. Utilizing little, pull measured cylinder feet, they get into shellfishes or clams, and their sack-like cardiovascular stomach rises up out of their mouth and overflows inside the shell. The stomach then, at that point, encompasses the prey to process it, and lastly pulls out once again into the body.

How Come So Many Starfish Are Dying?

A condition known as ocean star squandering illness makes the creature lose appendages and in the end break down, leaving behind a heap of white goo.

WATCH: Spikey Starfish Under The Sea with Relax Music
At Aquatic Sounds we love starfish (sea stars), that is why we created this Relaxing Music

Learn more about Sea Stars at National Geographic.

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